Japanese Restaurant Maza Opens In Menara Astra Jakarta


Toro Tataki Jalapeño, Open Temaki, Toro Rare Katsu & Tuna Pizza

One of Jakarta’s biggest names in fine dining, the Altitude group, has just opened the latest addition to its chain of kitchens in the capital. Maza started its first service in early October and almost immediately grabbed the attention of diners, especially Japanese food afficionados. Housed on the first floor of the prime, state-of-the-art Menara Astra, the dark wood and gold accented interior showcases a modern Japanese fusion that reflects in the menu. The restaurant is ideal for couples and groups large or small, while for a more intimate experience, Maza also provides three private rooms, which can be combined into one large gathering space. The illuminated bar is a fun spot for madcaps wanting a nightcap – especially after finishing a great meal.

From the very first page of the menu, Maza pushes the envelope. It has more than a dozen selections of open Temaki, as well as its own categories for two of the ritziest ingredients in Japanese cuisine: Hon Maguro Toro and A5 Wagyu. Maza’s fresh journey continues with a trimmed down sushi and sashimi selection, separated between classics like salmon and swordfish, and premium with tuna belly, amberjack, and uni. More out-of-the-box ideas come in the last part of the menu, separated into cold and hot inventions. 

Maza Jakarta