The Official Resort of Nikko

Introducing FUFU Nikko, a new addition to a long list of five-star Japanese hospitality venues by The Ryokan Collection.

Situated on a ravine within walking distance of the famed Nikko Toshogu Shrine and the Tamozawa Imperial Villa, FUFU Nikko recreates the borderless refinement of the Meiji Period with a design that combines traditional Japanese natural iconography and unrivalled luxuries.

The 24 villas are each uniquely designed with inspiration from the imperial retreat next door. Tactile fabrics like velvet and silk join brass accents, botanical motifs, curated antiques and warm wood paneling for an almost nostalgic air of luxury, accented by the shifting tones of Tochigi’s chameleon-like Oya stone. Inside every suite, a private hot spring bath and original heated floors are added to create a more relaxing experience.

For dining, this great Nikko resort is offering guests two distinguished restaurants. Kaiseki Setchu and Teppanyaki Kou offer unexpectedly worldly takes on Japanese cuisine. Sourcing from a local farm that also supplies the imperial household, the chefs blend kaiseki and haute cuisine and present it on exquisitely decorated porcelain and lacquerware fit for an emperor’s table.

FUFU Nikko’s hot spring supplies natural alkaline water rich in minerals said to be particularly good for easing respiratory complaints and improving circulation. While each room has a private bath, there is a larger outdoor bathing area nestled in a secluded tree-ringed nook nearer the Tomazawa River, where the sound of the water reverberates more strongly.