André Priebs – General Manager at Annata Umalas

André Priebs is a born hotelier who has been captivated by the hospitality sector since childhood. He began his career in the food and beverage sector and is currently the general manager of ANNATA Umalas, a brand-new property in Bali. He tells Asia Dreams about his amazing journey.

André Priebs

Q: Your passion for the hospitality industry started when you were 14 years old. What is it about this industry that keeps you going?
A: At 14, I delved into kitchens, bars and restaurants, and getting mesmerised by their dynamic nature. The fast pace, diverse interactions and teamwork in crafting memorable experiences thrilled me. Endless creativity and innovation in the industry fuel my journey. Building relationships with teams and guests enriches this rewarding path. Witnessing our efforts brighten someone’s day ignites my passion. Moreover, the industry’s evolution, with emerging trends and technologies, inspires continuous learning and adaptation. Hospitality is mere than just a career; it resonates with my essence, grounded in service, excellence and heartfelt care for others.

Q: ANNATA Umalas is a brand-new property. Is there something special that sets it apart from the others?
A: ANNATA Umalas is the area’s premier five-star hotel and stands out for its ideal location offering unparalleled convenience. The rooftop venue, boasting breathtaking views and a serene pool, provides an unforgettable setting for events and a tranquil escape from urban life. Technological innovation is evident throughout, with smart room controls, seamless check-in/out and voice-activated assistance ensuring a seamless stay. Culinary excellence is showcased in the rooftop hub with day club, cocktail bar and a fine dining restaurant. For wellness enthusiasts, the state-of-the-art gym and indulgent spa, both with panoramic views from a height of 15 metres, provide a tranquil retreat, completing the exceptional experience.

Q: The property is situated close to some of the best restaurants in the area. What can you share about the culinary offerings that will stand out above the rest?
A: At ANNATA Umalas, we take pride in offering a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary. Our menu is thoughtfully curated to showcase the vibrant flavours of the region while incorporating innovative twists and global influences. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, ensuring the freshest and most flavourful dishes for our guests. On top of that, the rooftop location gives off a dayclub vibe, featuring an infinity pool and stunning views of Umalas and its surroundings.

Q: Sustainability is important for modern travellers. How does the hotel address this?
A: Sustainability is our core value, not just a concept. We prioritise minimising our environmental impact while delivering exceptional hospitality. Our eco-friendly practices, from energy-efficient lighting to water-saving, are just one aspect of our commitment. We engage in community service and conservation projects, partnering with local organisations to preserve biodiversity. Our goal is to create a sustainable and responsible hospitality experience that not only meets the expectations of modern travellers but also contributes positively to the environment and the communities we serve.

Q: Based on your experience, how does Indonesian hospitality stack up against the world’s best?
A: Indonesian hospitality is globally renowned for its warmth, authenticity and genuine care for guests. It combines service excellence with a personal touch, making guests feel genuinely welcome and valued. What distinguishes Indonesian hospitality is its deeply rooted cultural values, notably ramah tamah, or warm friendliness in Indonesian. This natural warmth and desire to please are ingrained in society and the hospitality industry.

Q: What goals have you set for ANNATA Umalas as the general manager?
A: My goals centred around elevating our guests’ experience, maximising operational efficiency and fostering a culture of excellence within our team. For instance, we’re enhancing the guest experience with personalised services and technology. From seamless check-ins to tailored dining experiences, we’re committed to exceeding guest expectations. Additionally, we are also caring for the community by establishing partnerships and programmes to support local businesses to ensure positive growth together.

Q: How do you, as a leader, motivate your team members to consistently perform at their highest level?
A: My approach revolves around a few core principles; the first is empowerment and trust to instil confidence and encourage initiative. Secondly, it is to recognise and celebrate any achievements, big or small, to drive continued excellence. Leading by example is also another thing to note because I strive to embody the values I want to see in my team. I aim to inspire my team to adopt the same attitudes in the workplace. Lastly, it is to create a positive work environment by encouraging open communication and making sure that there’s a safe space for feedback and innovative ideas.

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