The Salmon Secret

Derived from salmon DNA, Nucleofill uses bio-stimulating polynucleotides as the key to tighter and healthier skin.

new generation of treatments using polynucleotides derived from salmon, to benefit facial and skin care with a higher level of efficiency, has just been welcomed. Nucleofill makes use of polynucleotides that effectively create bio-stimulation and bio-restructuring of the skin. With these characteristics, Nucleofill is the new go-to injectable treatment to produce a lifting effect and protect and improve skin quality, among benefits.

A popular choice in the beauty scene, Nucleofill has further advantages, including moisturising the skin and acting as a radical scavenger, like an antioxidant. Polynucleotides are also known for their ability to bind to water and retain it within the skin tissue, making it an optimal agent for rejuvenating and hydrating the skin.

Another benefit is that it stimulates the skin and triggers renewal by increasing the metabolic activity of fibroblasts, the major cells responsible for the production of collagen. Compared to their predecessor, PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide), polynucleotides have a higher molecular weight and longer polymer molecules, making Nucleofill less likely to stimulate an allergic reaction.

Nucleofill is an ideal treatment for everyone, with different types and treatments available for each person’s needs. Leading beauty and wellness destination in Bali, Puriva Aesthetic & Lifestyle Clinic, offers comprehensive Nucleofill treatments, including pre-treatment consultation.

The team at Puriva will help you find out which kind of Nucleofill treatment is suitable for you, and whether it can be combined with other treatments to ensure even greater effectiveness. Nucleofill is often combined with other device-based modalities to stimulate the skin, such as Liftera HIFU and Sylfirm X. It can also be combined with other injectables as a collagen stimulator.

The highly trained and professional Puriva team will ensure a comfortable experience, by ensuring the appropriate pre- and post-treatment rituals, as well as the right kind of aftercare. Sit back, relax and be prepared to have tighter and healthier skin in about two weeks.

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