Yohanes Hutauruk – Cluster Director of Marketing and Communications – Bali at COMO Shambhala Estate, COMO Uma Ubud & COMO Uma Canggu

Yohanes Hutauruk – Cluster Director of Marketing and Communications – Bali
at COMO Shambhala Estate, COMO Uma Ubud & COMO Uma Canggu

Q: How would you describe your responsibilities in under 10 words?

A: Leading marketing, branding and public relations for organisational success.

Q: What makes a typical day in your line of work?

A: My typical day involves a diverse range of responsibilities. I oversee the development and implementation of marketing and communications strategies, manage campaigns and lead a team of three talented individuals, collaborate with cross-functional departments, analyse data to make informed decisions and monitor the results of our efforts. I work closely with my team to plan and execute campaigns, ensure brand consistency across all channels, and communicate with external partners and agencies.

Q: What does your day off look like?

A: Oh, I like this one! On my day off, I prioritise maintaining a healthy work-life balance by engaging in activities that are personally fulfilling and help me recharge. I enjoy spending quality time with friends and my three dogs, as they are an important part of my life. Whether it’s catching up over a meal, watch movies at the cinema, relaxing at the beach, or going for a drink, I value social connections and find it refreshing to spend time with loved ones. These activities allow me to relax, have fun, and create cherished memories.

Q: What do you find most satisfying in your job?

A: Seeing the positive impact of our marketing efforts is truly gratifying. Additionally, I find great satisfaction in leading and mentoring my team, providing guidance and support to help them grow and achieve their professional goals.

Q: Who has been the most influential figure in your career?

A: My former director, Ina Ilmiaviatta. Ina provided me with guidance, support and opportunities to stretch my skills and take on new challenges in marketing and communications. Her leadership style and approach to problem-solving have been inspirational to me.

Q: Name one really special thing about your hotels?

A: One truly special thing about COMO resorts in Bali is our unwavering commitment to wellness. As part of COMO Hotels and Resorts, our brand places a strong emphasis on promoting holistic wellness for our guests. Our dedication to wellness extends beyond just physical aspects, as we believe in nurturing the mind, body and soul to provide a truly rejuvenating experience for our guests.

Q: If you had not taken this career path, what would you have chosen?

A: I would have likely pursued my passion for animals by opening a pet shop and pet hotel. As an animal lover, I have always been drawn to the idea of creating a fun and enjoyable environment for pets and their owners.

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